5 types of spill kits that you should know

In any working environment, you are likely to come across spillage. Spillage can be quite bothersome when you do not know how to handle it well. One good way of being prepared to handle spillage well is having spill kits in your working environment. This is a kit which contains some absorbent materials, some cleaning apparatus and not forgetting chemical neutralizers. Spills mostly happen in industrial setups. It is therefore good to have the right spill kits at your working place. This is because not all spills should be handled the same way. Every spill is different from the other. The fact that they have basic legal requirement industrial settings makes it a must to have them. When there’s poisonous or hazardous spillage, the spill kits are made into use so that the spillage cannot contaminate the water or land. Below are the different types of kits that you should have at your working place.

Spill kits

Spill kits

Absorb hazchem spill kit

Usually this kit is used whenever there are chemical spills. The spills can be of any chemical, but mostly the most hazardous chemicals. Environmental training is quite important when handling the spill kit. It is usually blue in color and can be used by a single person. These kits are quite applicable in workshops and factories which work with very poisonous chemicals. You should also understand that it is not good to use them when separating oil from water.

Absorb organic spill kit

This type of kit is used on hydrocarbon and other general liquids. The kits contain absorbents which are organic and therefore renewable. The organic absorbents are made from recycled waste products. One of the best spill response Brisbane has is the absorbent organic spill kit. You should not use this kit with corrosive liquids like acids.

Absorb oil only spill kit

This kit is specifically made to absorb hydrocarbons spills in workshops and factories. The kit is not meant to absorb chemical spill. That means that the kit cannot soak up water. The best thing is that the kit can be used by a single person. Most workshops and factories prefer this kit because of the petroleum products spillage.

Absorb marine spill kit

Spills do not just take place inside buildings; they can happen outside the working places. Spills on water or around water bodies are common. To handle such spills, the ASK 240 spill kit is the best. The kit has hydrocarbon pads; the kit also has floating booms to ensure that the spills are handled professionally. The kit is specifically designed to be used on water. The best thing is that this spill kit can contain up to 240 liters. The kit should not be used for corrosive chemicals.

Absorb general purpose spill kit

This type of spill kit is usually red in color. It is therefore easy to identify it. The kit has granular organic absorbent, general purpose pads and also organic booms. The kit can be used for all types of spills. The spill can be hydrocarbons or liquids based on water.

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