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Ways to Buy an Engagement Ring She’ll Love

The process of buying an engagement ring is tedious. Aside from taking several factors into consideration and making sure it fits your budget, you want to make sure that she is going to love the ring you bought for her. As a man, you need to read her interest and assess what her jewelry type is so you can make the right choice. You can also get useful insights from jewelers at a diamond engagement rings servicing Melbourne has, to be in-the-know on the latest ring trends in this side of Australia.

Here are engagement ring shopping advices to take note to make your woman say “yes”:

Pay attention to what she likes. This is an obvious tip but a lot of men tend to over-think the process of selecting an engagement ring style. What is the most distinctive pattern in her jewelry choices? Use this as a base for choosing an engagement ring style. Some women like over-the-top designs while others prefer a simpler, classic look. Make sure you identify which is the best fit for her style preferences.

Listen to her. Sometimes, women drop hints on what they like and don’t like in jewelry. Pay close attention to what she is saying. Make sure to be subtle about it, though, so it does not eliminate the thrill and you don’t make it seem to obvious that you are shopping around.

Find the best diamond shape. Shapes and cuts of a diamond are not the same. However, they are closely related and can be easily confused for the other. Before you go out shopping, take time to get acquainted on various diamond shapes to help guide you in the shopping process.

Consider the right setting. Another important factor that you will encounter from a diamond engagement rings servicing Melbourne shop involves the setting. The prong setting is not the only option. Find one that best fits into your fiance’s lifestyle and personal preferences. Bezel and channel settings are also becoming highly popular as of late.

Make a diamond look larger. Women love diamonds, no matter how much they try to deny it. Hence, a ring with a prominent diamond in it will surely blow her away. Speak to your chosen jeweler about how you can get a ring that makes the diamond look larger without necessarily going for the more expensive rings.

Consider the idea of buying loose diamond. For practicality’s sake, you can also opt to buy a loose diamond. After you propose, you can take her shopping with you so she can also choose the setting for the diamond.

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