Factors That Determine Cell Tower Rents

Cell tower rents are a mystery to many property owners due to lack of accessible information. This means that property owners are not in a good position to negotiate with potential clients. For fruitful negotiation, you must understand that leasing your property to a company is like leasing your house under unique market considerations. Moreover, you must know the value of your land and the factors that cell phone carriers cogitate. These factors include…

Cell Tower Rents


The location of your land has a great impact on the lease rates. This is because location determines the value of your land and its desirability. Desirability is how badly a leasing company needs your land. This could happen if your property is strategically placed and there is no comparable land proximate. If your property is similar to other properties within your precinct, getting a quote higher than the initial offer may be impossible. The price for neighbouring properties and availability of other cell towers within your zone affects the cell tower lease rates in your favour. However, you can never really know the price and suitability of your land until it is reviewed by well-informed cell tower consultants.


For cell towers to operate, they rely on certain utilities like telephone lines, power and water. Moreover, the leasing phone carrier will have to construct on the property. This means that they will require good and accessible roads to get construction materials to the site. Lacking fundamental infrastructure impacts cell tower rents negatively. That is, against you but in favour of the carrier company. The further and scarce the infrastructure is the lesser the cell phone tower lease rates.


Flat ground with little to no obstacles is considered ideal for a cell tower lease. Obstacles include trees that are removed at the carrier’s expense. Though not always considered, ground elevation can add value and desirability to your land. However, some carriers require more than just elevation to agree to your cell tower rents and terms.

Capital Improvement Costs

Improvement cost is always a huge factor when determining the lease rates. In case they have to construct, they may be offered a lower lease rate. Though phone companies have been constructing cell towers for more than 30 years, they must hire different professionals because of the numerous tower design solutions that are emerging. Thus, you should make a point of understanding the costs associated with every design and how the designs impact your property. Read more at http://www.celltowerleaseexperts.com/cell-tower-lease/


Though it is advisable to do through research about how different carriers arrive at their cell phone tower leases, it is always wise to have an erudite attorney by your side. An attorney ensures that you maximise your land’s value to acquire the best agreement. Never start negotiation without understanding the real value of your property and neighbouring properties. Moreover, remember to secure co-location rent. Another carrier may want to co-locate on the tower on your property. You deserve a piece of the iceberg because you own the land and you lease it to one company.

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