Spa Booking Software to Manage Bookings and Sales

With the need to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work in our fast-paced world, spa business is one that is currently booming. But it is also a highly competitive business. Having the right spa booking software and booking management solution can make a huge difference in giving you an edge in the marketplace.

With user-friendly netbookings spa booking software interface, you can simplify your booking process tremendously and make it easier for customers to make reservations for your spa and salon services. The spa software offers plenty of features that make spa booking a real breeze.

With the fully featured spa booking module, you will be able to add spa packages which are usually a very popular sell with guests looking for maximum value for money. The netbookings module packages features allow you to tailor various packages that are targeted at your user market with features such as the ability to add spa treatments, relaxation time, food, and even some retail products.

It is a fully customizable spa booking module that you can personalize to your preferences in order to maximize on your spa bookings. It also offers a great deal of flexibility. You will be able to easily change from one spa treatment plan to another in very easy steps so as to maximize on your spa bookings.

Another feature of the netbookings spa booking software that will be a huge draw with your user base is the gift vouchers feature. The main reason why the spa treatments are quite popular on sites such as Groupon is due to the fact that people love vouchers. We all love bargains. And offering bargains through gift vouchers is one of the best ways to boost your spa business and attract new clientele.

With netbookings spa management module, you will be able to achieve just that. You can even turn your gift vouchers as an almost “separate” business for the customers who love the bargains and do the legwork to find and use your spa gift vouchers. On netbookings, you will be able to create these and manage them with relative ease.

Features of the Netbookings Day Spa Booking Software

The day spa bookings module will offer you plenty of admirable features to make your spa management a breeze. Customers will be able to book through a seamless interface and you can schedule and assign a therapist who will offer a service to them! Here are some of the main features of the day spa reservations software:

  • Get a complete business management solution with which you can sell on your website 24/7.
  • The software can easily be used by your staff to manage bookings, products and vouchers.
  • Supports over the counter sales
  • Comes with a Facebook app that will allow your spa Facebook fans to book directly via Facebook.
  • Easy and seamless booking agents integration
  • Free mobile website that you can use to take advantage of the mobile market.
  • Great client communication features
  • Great support from netbookings customer support team
  • Great marketing features including referrer tracking, guest databases, data export, reporting, discounts and promotional codes amongst others.

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