The Core Concepts Behind Memory Foam Pillows

You have probably heard this before but it bears repeating: the best memory foam pillow can improve your sleep and alleviate chronic pain. Due to the supposed health benefits of using this type of pillow, the demand has also risen. More and more consumers are choosing them for their homes and manufacturers are producing them in large numbers. Sadly, this has also resulted in several manufacturers mimicking the memory foam technology only to fail. It is therefore a warning to all buyers out there: not all memory foam pillows are what they claim to be.
How do you ensure that you get the best memory foam pillow for utmost benefits? You can authenticate pillows based on the following core concepts, before you buy that suspiciously manufactured one:
Space-Age Technology
This is the single most important feature of an authentic memory foam pillow that most imitators lack or are unable to copy. This type of pillow uses a unique type of technology known as space age. This technology was initially developed for NASA to absorb the impact from the G-force that is experienced by astronauts upon their launch into space. However, the technology was not actually applied for astronauts. Still, this cutting edge technology was used in some other applications, namely in the manufacture of pillows that aim to solve the woes of neck and shoulder pain during sleep.
Visco-Elastic Polyurethane Foam
This is another excellent feature about memory foam pillows that make them superior to other types of materials. The use of polyurethane is designed to boost the viscosity level of the memory foam. For this reason, the material is excellent when used for pillow support and beds.
The foam employs an open cell structure wherein each cell within the foam has holes in them. When pressure is added onto the cells, it allows the air pressure inside to distribute evenly. When applied on the pillow, it allows the material to conform to the shape of the back of your head and neck. It does not push your head off as most foams do – therefore, providing a lot of ease to the back of the head and the neck.
Another advantage with the use of this type of foam is the heat-sensitive feature. When the temperature rises, it causes the cells to compress. This temperature-sensitivity feature allows the foam to stay cool even when the surrounding temperature is high. You can therefore stay cool all the time, giving you better quality sleep.
The list could go on and on when it comes to achieving more benefits when using memory foam pillows. You should therefore do your job and not simply buy what is being offered. The best memory foam pillow should possess the aforementioned qualities and technology. Without these two, then the foam pillow is just like any other pillow. But if you are seeking after the health and wellness benefits of a memory foam pillow, you need to give it due diligence and do your research before buying. One way to ensure you get quality pillows is to buy from reputable sellers online.

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