Tips to Buy the Right Glass Showcases for Your Shop

A very important part of showing off different products at a shop or a museum is to select the right display case. A timber case may look like a more secure option for a showcase, but when it comes to displaying products and items, there is simply no alternative to glass showcases. There are many types of glass showcases available in the market, hence, you need to be sure that what type and what dimension of the glass showcase you would need. Here are some tips that will help you buy the right glass showcase for displaying your products.

Select the Right Type of Glass Showcase

To begin with, you will have to decide where you would want to place the showcase. Would you want it in the middle of the store, or you would prefer it standing by the wall or mounted on the wall? Depending upon the answer, you will have to choose the type of the glass showcase.

For placing the display case in the centre of the room, you would need to select pedestal or cube display units, or mushroom display units, which have glass walls on all four sides. If you want the glass showcases to be standing next to the walls, you will have to choose tower display cabinets, which usually have three glass walls and the rear wall is fitted with reflective mirrors that give an increased viewing angle to the customers. In case you want to utilize the corner of the room and place a display unit there as well, you would have to select counter corner units that are specifically designed to be placed in the corners of a room.

Check the Material

While buying a glass showcase, you need to ensure that the material used in making the showcase is not fragile. Usually, glass showcases are made with toughened or tempered glass, which is stronger and less fragile than the ordinary glass. These glasses are made particularly for making showcases and display units. Another feature that the glass should have is that it should have absolute transparency so that it gives a clear view of the products and items to the onlookers. By using tempered glass, you can rest assured that an accidental tap on the glass of the showcase would not cause it to crack or break.

Check for Options of Adding LED Lights and Locks

While buying a glass showcase, you need to check the feasibility of adding additional lights inside the showcase. The modern day LED lights do an excellent job in lighting up the interiors of the showcases as well as increasing the beauty of the whole display unit manifolds. The combination of LED lighting and reflective mirrors gives an enchanting and magical look to the products which are kept inside the glass showcase.

You should try and get showcases made of glass, doors of which open from the front. Sliding door glass showcases are out of fashion, and they do not look good as well if the slider malfunctions. Fix a lock on the doors and the products inside the glass showcase would be safe from the mischievous hands of shoplifters.

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