Water Taxis in Darling Harbour Sydney – A Visual Treat in Store

One of the ways of getting a beautiful view of the main city of Sydney from the side of the water is to take a ride on the Darling Harbour water taxi. The charter service operators have been running these water taxis for many years now and newer boats are being introduced to make the rides even more interesting.

Darling Harbour water taxi

Water Taxis can be hired as Exclusive Charters

The water taxis are operated on a daily basis. The only exceptions are during the New Year and Australia Day when the schedules are changed to accommodate the huge influx of tourists from all over the world, including from different parts of Australia. The water taxi Darling Harbour has can be hired on a sharing basis. You buy a ticket and get on to the boat and in the next 15 minutes, the ride will take off and drop you at any of the points chosen by you. If you are a group and don’t wish to share the ride with anyone, you could pay up for the full capacity and have the water taxi in Darling Harbour for yourself. If you have more time and wish to spend longer time in the water taxis, you could do that as well and the operator will charge you by the hour. You could ask the captain to run the boat slowly, and you can go ahead and click pictures of the amazing sights that come to view on the cruise. There are other charter facilities also available. These are for corporate clients or for wedding parties who wish to transfer and any other particular purpose.

Each Ride Made Exclusive by the Water Taxi Companies

The Darling Harbour water taxi operators have a large list of packages for operating their boats across the Sydney harbour points. As mentioned, when wedding events are held and the bride and groom and their wedding guests need to be transferred to the wedding venue and back, the operators take over and make the boat stand out and create the right ambience so that the enjoyment of a happy occasion like a wedding is thoroughly enjoyed.

Similarly, some people hire the water taxis to scatter the ashes of the remains of their loved ones. The charter operators take the bookings and take the group to the point where the person is desirous of scattering the ashes and the privacy of the person is fully protected. If it is the Vivid lights show that the water taxi riders want to enjoy, there are special packages for that and the bookings can be made by either email or by phone.

Special Occasions like the New Year’s Eve

The Darling Harbour water taxi operators really come on their own during the elaborate arrangements that go with the festivities around the Sydney Harbour. The New Year celebration in the vicinity of the Sydney Opera House overlooking the Sydney Harbour is a world-famous event, and the visuals are carried live on TV around the globe. However, watching it live at a few hundred meters sitting in the water taxi is something out of this world. It is worth every dollar spent, and one should do this trip at least once in life. Visit http://www.watertaxisydney.com.au/darling-harbour-water-taxi.

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